Bad Golf Tube: February 4th, 2009

Being a bad or dangerous golfer is difficult enough. One thing that makes it worse is the proliferation of cell phones, video cameras and internet video sites seemingly created with the sole intention of showing the world exactly how painful (in more ways than one) your game is.

But it’s also quite funny.

To celebrate the humor of the thing, and to make me feel better about past incidents, we begin a new feature here on We call it “Bad Golf Tube.” Each week we’ll scour the internet for funny or painful golf accidents (and trust me, there are plenty of them). None of this tv-idiot-hit-my-friends-in-the-balls-from-four-feet-on-purpose stuff. Only clips of the natural side effects of the game of golf.

And so, I bring you, with not much fanfare, clip one:

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