How do they do that? You tell us what to ask.

In writing the article, “How Do They Do That?” - an article questioning how pros handle a US Open set-up course - it occurred to us that there are a host of things that the pros can do that we can’t. We would love to know how they do those, too. Therefore, we are preparing a series of articles wherein we will search out experts who will be willing to show us how to do these (for most of us) impossible things. To do this, we need your help. What, in particular, makes you say “How do they do that?”

The first one will be on my greatest curiosity… sand shots. How often have we watched the pros hit a 60’ bunker shot that rolls to a stop a foot or two away from the hole? John Daly’s last tour win is the perfect example - 60+ feet to 18 inches for the win - a thing of beauty. Every week we watch someone in a greenside bunker, 10’ from the flag with maybe 6’ of green to work with, (and probably downhill at that) either put it in or scare the hole in the attempt.

I don’t need to be that good (good thing, ’cause I never will be). I want to be able to hit the 60 footer somewhere in the vicinity, and I want the 10 footer to be on the green with my first swing and not go 60 feet. We “dangerous golfers” strive to be somewhere on the fairway, and somewhere on the green, in somewhere close to regulation. We live for being average on the golf course. We will try to learn not only how the experts do these miracles, we will try to discover simple ways to do them better, consistently, and in fewer strokes.

Now you know my greatest “how do they,” so what’s yours? What is it that you have watched them do that has made you mutter, “How in the heck do they do that?”


  • Larry said:

    Short chips out of tall grass. Anything over 3 inches. Especially when you have to go over a bunker or something. I can land them on the green but I can’t get the ball to bite, and that’s with a lob wedge. It always rolls right through.

  • AdamScott'sSwing said:

    I’ve never been able to get a ball to bite. How do you get that great backspin? I know it has to do with striking down on the ball, but I’ve never been able to see it in my own playing.


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