What’s Hong Kong got that we don’t got?

It’s not fair.  A product comes along that is exactly right for me and mine, and I’m not eligible to purchase it.

I mean, just think of it.  A guy like me hits, on average, two or three houses per year (at least) with golf balls.  Isn’t it only a matter of time before I do some serious damage to one of them?  Not to mention the fact that my swing is flawed to the point of potential physical difficulties that may or may not be debilitating.

Yep.  What I need is some good insurance.  Some good golfer’s insurance.  I’ve called around, but it doesn’t look like I can get it.  I mean, sure, if I lived in London, even Singapore, I could get a basic golfer’s insurance policy, but even there I’d be lacking in real coverage.

No, the only way to get the good stuff is to pack up and move to Hong Kong.

Apparently the world center for bad and/or dangerous golfers, Hong Kong is home to some of the best golfer’s insurance policies in the world.  And they’re not just for the pros.  These coverages are for any average Hong Kongian - guys just like you or me.

If you’re interested, here’s what your new policy can cover (if you happen to have been handed over to China in 1997):

Golf Equipment: Accidental loss or damage to golf equipment (excluding golf balls) whilst playing or practicing at any recognized golf club, course or driving range or whilst in the course of a direct journey to or from the course, club or driving range.  Coverage up to HK$20,000.

Personal Effects: Accidental loss or damage to personal effects (excluding jewelery, watches, cameras, money, furs [on a golf course?], stamps [huh?], securities [who are these people?] and credit cards) whilst at any recognized golf club, course or driving range. Coverage up to HK$10,000.

Personal Liability (Here’s the part for me): Worldwide coverage for legal liability to the public for accidental property damage or bodily injury whilst playing or practicing golf at any recognized golf club, course or driving range.  Coverage up to HK$5M per occurance [that’s more than $600,000 USD per sternum cracking incident!]

Personal Injury: Worldwide accident benefit for bodily injury while playing or practicing golf at any recognized golf club, course or driving range. Coverage up to HK$500,000 for death or total disablement during time insured.

Wait… “death or total disablement?”  I’m not sure we’re playing the same game as our eastern friends.  To clarify, we’re not talking about a golfer killing or disabling someone else.  We’re talking about a golfer killing or disabling himself!  Man.  I’m not sure even I could pull that one off.

But I digress.  On to what is, perhaps, the best part of the coverage offered to those off of the mainland:

Hole-in-one expenses: Reimbursement of ‘19th hole’ expenses as a result of achieving a hole-in-one.  Coverage up to HK$20,000 per year.

So, on the off chance that you knock it stiff on the first try (which my de-sternumed brother has done), the drinks you’ve gotta buy for those folks fortunate enough to be sitting at the 19th hole are covered.  Man, now the insurance companies are even paying for the liquor!

But alas, it’s not to be.  For I live in the good ‘ol US of A.  We have been given many things here in this country - it’s a place not to be taken for granted.  But I’m not sure I will ever be truly satisfied until I receive that business card in the mail from my local independent agent, offering me the comfort to know that I won’t be sued by my own brother, and that there’s peace of mind for my wife, should I happen to have an unfortuate incident with a golf cart.  With only a $500 deductible.


  • Billy Bryan said:

    Don’t forget the ever-present lightening storms that can do us dangerous golfers in. We are not only dangerous to others, we are dangerous to ourselves when we won’t get off the course. I can remember playing at disney with strikes tatooing the woods all around us and not stopping until the rain hit. Remember what Lee Trevino said to do about lightening if you are trapped in it, “Hold up a one-iron”. When asked why one would do such a thing, he responded, “Cause even God can’t hit a one-iron.” BB


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