The Fall Guy

Most people, when hitting the driving range, keep their feet on the ground.  Other folks have the opportunity to hit from multi-level platforms, some reaching 4 or 5 stories.  Most of those people understand that getting close to the edge makes falling more likely, and falling makes pain more likely.

Kaywin Hardman may not have understood that.  He’s suing the White Pines Golf Dome, an indoor golf training facility in Bensenville, IL, for $50,000 in damages after falling from an elevated platform at the domed driving range while trying to retrieve a golf club close to the edge. 

According to WBBM radio in Chicago, the suit states that the facility “allowed patrons to hit golf balls from either the ground level or from the elevated platform level,” which I’m assuming Hardman knew as he climbed the stairs.  The suit also claims that White Pines failed to post adequate notice about the danger of hitting off of the elevated tees.

No word if Lee Majors is interested in playing Mr. Hardman in the event that his story becomes a made for T.V. movie.

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