The Full Henrik: Stenson swings in skivvies

Things overheard at Doral yesterday:

“Tiger’s putts aren’t finding the bottom of the cup,”

“Hey, that’s not Vijay.  That must be his cousin Walter.”

“What’s Stenson doing over there in his underwear?”

Henrik, from Sweeden, drove the ball into the Florida swamp on the third hole.  Rather than take a swing and look like pigpen the rest of the day, Henrik decided to get back to the basics.  As he told reporters, he only had on his “jocks” and his golf glove when it came time to swing.

“I felt I would definitely save a shot by actually playing the ball.  If you are saving a shot, that’s definitely worth taking your shirt and trousers off.”

The whole thing has a real “Happy Gilmore” feel to it, and we wonder if this is the kind of thing that would get Stenson in any trouble.  Or, he might just end up with a modeling gig.  Or not.

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