Good drive spoiled: Stray ball shatters windshield

I’m sure you’ve seen the sign in the club house.  “The course and its management are not responsible for any loss, property damage or personal injury occurring during the course of play.”  The problem is that they don’t put those signs on the roads around the golf course.

According to Edward Nobello, they should.

Nobello, a 53 year-old resident of Huntington Beach, California, was driving his vehicle down a road bordering Meadowlark Golf Course when he heard a very loud “bang.”  It just happened to correspond with a sudden shattering of his windshield.

“It scared the hell out of me,” Nobello told the Orange County Register.

Eddie proceeded to file a claim for more than $250 against the city, including the cost of the windshield replacement, and wages lost during the half-day of work he missed.  The claim was denied by the city, who stated that reparation was the responsibility of the golfer whose errant shot struck Nobello’s car, not the city or the course.  Problem is, the golf course (shockingly) wouldn’t allow Nobello to run around the golf course threatening random golfers enter the course to search for the golfer who hit the ball.

Are there any lawyers in California?  There are?  Good.  ‘Cause I think I smell a lawsuit that will likely cost the city more than $250 to defend.  

For more information, read the article at the Orange County Register.

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