The Haney Project: Episode 2 recap

The reviews have been great, and Golf Channel certainly has to be happy with the record number of viewers that they’re getting for “The Haney Project: Charles Barkley.”  This week’s episode was eagerly anticipated, with many wanting to see if the storyline has staying power.  I have a feeling that the series finale for this one will be appointment television for golf fans everywhere, but for now, here’s what went down in episode 2.

The show starts with a reminder of how bad Charles’ swing is, with narration by folks such as Dr. J and Donald Trump.  Hank Haney reminds us that it’s not his fault if this whole thing blows up because it’s the “project beyond all projects.”

Charles is late for his second meeting with Hank due to bad traffic, but Hank thinks Charles is “wounded” from their opening day together.  Charles says it’s all good, and he’s no “girly-man.”  It’s into the video room for multiple swings with a weighted club, where Haney tries to put Charles’s swing on a better plane.  Hank applauds every piece of minor improvement, and Charles remarks that Hank’s obviously not used to “working with greatness.”

After that, it’s back outside for the dreaded ball lineup that seems to span the length of a football field.  Charles says it’s not the number of balls that is difficult, but trying to remember all of the things he’s supposed to remember.

At lunch, the producers ask Charles what the series finale should be.  Both he and Hank agree that it’s best for everyone if they don’t try to plan this thing out too much, especially “when you have this kind of problem.”

By the way, this show is obviously sponsored by Nike.  Hank and Charles always have a swoosh on their shirt, as is marked every club on the show.

Hank thinks that Charles has done well enough with irons off of tees, that Charles should get a chance with a driver.  Out comes the driver, and out comes the hitch.  Hank says it’s a huge step backwards.  Hank fits Charles with a set of headphones that creates sound based on the rhythm of your swing.  Since Charles has no rhythm to his swing, he is swinging a normal club, while Hank swings the club hooked to the device, thus showing Charles what a proper rhythm should sound like and, therefore, feel like.

Charles heads back to Philly where we see him in the Gym.  Charles, as it turns out, is also on a mission to lose weight.  He reckons he’s gained 80 pounds since he retired (just 80, Charles?), and he’s doing boxing training to shed the weight.  The way he sweats, he likely loses about 15 lbs. a day.   Looks like he’s about to take foul shots in the fourth quarter.

Then they showed that E-Trade commercial where the baby calls Frank “Shankapotamus.”  I love that commercial.

Charles is at the driving range, doing the drills that Hank showed him in Texas.  His clubs have seen so many swings of late that the head of an iron flies right off.   Charles says he misses Hank’s instant feedback, but that he’s doing the best he can. We also meet a local bartender, Dave, who is number 3 on Charles’ list of people who he wants to beat (I think he means in golf) when all of this is over.  Michael Jordan is number 1 on that list, and Tiger Woods is number 2.  Charles tells Dave that, come spring, Dave’s getting his a– beat.  So maybe he doesn’t mean golf, after all.

This episode wasn’t quite as deep on golf content, but next week is promising.  We’ll get to meet Charles’ tiny dog.  See you next week.

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